About OXVA

OXVA consists of OX (powerful and reliable working animal) and VA (first half of vape). OX represents our passion towards the vaping industry and symbolizes the braveness and fearlessness of those vapers who has diverted from conventional cigarette into vaping. It also represents our value to pursuit high quality and high-performance products.

With a mission to become the most trusted vaping brand in the industry, OXVA is one of the fastest-growing e-cig brand founded by Justin Lai, along with a team of passionate and experienced individual who shares the same values. Together we plan to achieve our mission by sticking to our believes which is not only to provide the finest quality products but also deliver an outstanding customer care service.

Our Product Principles:
Superior Quality
All products made by OXVA would undergo a complex monitoring procedure throughout the whole process, from advanced engineering to the choice of materials used to ensure the highest quality and performance. We will only release products that we feel perfect and would be proud of.
Innovative and unique
The team at OXVA shares the same passion to find innovative solutions and experiment with new ideas in order to provide better user experience. OXVA never follow and would stay being different.
Staying connected with users
The OXVA team will discover the needs of the users by consistently being well connected with the vapers and constantly analyzing the market needs.

To be the most trusted vaping brand in three to five years.

Corporate Values
Mutual trust