Last 2019 Pod came in big in the vaping industry and still in the recent people prefer more on the pods than the mods. Why? Main reason is for its convenience and affordability. When you try to purchase a pod in a vape shop, you will notice you only needed a juice to fill it up and use it. That’s how simple and quick you can use a pod then when you got low batteries you just need to charge them around 30-45 minutes. After that, you can use it again in a long run. And the cost is not that high rather than the mods that you have to buy your atomizers or battery include the wire and cottons. Most people consider pods since they also call it an AIO (all in one) device. Also pods are way smaller and not bulky, so easy to place In pockets and very handy.

We will discuss what are the different parts and type of the pod systems today. First one is the closed pod systems. The simplest way to explain this is that these kind of pods are disposable. You use it when juice is already out you have to toss it in the garbage. The only good thing here lets say pro’s, is that there is no need to any care for the device just use it until the juice lasts more on convenience actually but the downside of these is that when you ran out of batteries you need to dispose them already. Next are the open pod systems, these devices are more on the market since the features of this are always refillable you can detach the tank of the device in order to fill up the juices and has an usb port to charge. Some other brands or devices have also an RBA (rebuildable atomizers) which is sold separately in the market for your preferred choice or a disposable coil to replace. And since its refillable you can choose the flavor of the juice you want to vape on it, the only downside of this one is that the availability of the disposable coils are not always on the market. Also the batteries are not replaceable if the mods battery life have problems you need to purchase a new one. But reconsider the price of it as we have said earlier pod systems are way cheaper.

Next one is the parts of the pod system this one is a quick guide since the parts only have 2 main functions.

First one is what we call the cartridge and the coils. From what you see in the feature this has included the mouthpiece or the driptip which is built din the cartridge. This is where you also fill in the tanks with juices and depends on the design of the pod device with the placement of the coils. Coils have different resistances that can be used so its either you use the free base nic or the salt nicotine for your device. Second one is what you call the body or the unit itself this is where the built in batteries are included and where the production of vape is operated.

Pod systems are really trending now a days and there will be more innovative designs coming out in the future. It depends on your taste which one is the best feature that suits your taste and be responsible vaper. Do not vape in public places.