WARNING:This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The best experiences only on OXVA
The best experiences only on OXVA
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Common questions
Battery Weak?
For battery weak problem, please kindly check the output of the battery. We recommend the output of the battery should be at least 25A.
Recommended battery: Sony VTC6Samsung 20S, 25S.
Here is a video for your reference: click here

How to avoid a hot drip tip when doing a chain puff?
Puff from the top of drip tip, and avoid swallowing of the drip tip or any lip-to-outlet contact.

Why does it keep showing "No Atomizer" and how to solve it?
Reason 1: The airflow ring is not attached well---Tighten the gap between the airflow ring and the coil.
Reason 2: The coil is not installed right---Align the edges of the ring with the pod grooves until it fits.
Reason.3: Poor contact---Wipe up the device connector and the bottom part of the airflow ring with tissue, and scrape the two electrodes in the device gently.
Video 1: click here
Video 2: click here

A new coil but no flavor at all?
1. Remember to leave your coil to sit for,5 minutes to make sure it is fully saturated.
2. Make sure the pods contact, battery and the whole device is in sound condition.
3. Try varies wattage and air flow settings to find the perfect touch for vaping.
4. In some cases that liquids of certain receipt may not meet the expectation on the product to some extent.
5. May be vape tounge (from the fan's experience).

How to get a good throat hit?
Close the airflow as much as possible and increase the wattage step by step to avoid the overheat issue.

What are the major reasons for spitback and how to avoid this problem?
Cause 1: The cotton doesn't wrap around the coil tightly enough, spitback and gurgling will occur at the same time in this case;
Cause 2: The distance between the coil and drip tip outlet is too short;
Cause 3: When the length of the drip tip is less than 3mm, it's easy for the condensation to go into your mouth and will cause spitback, you simply clear the condensation inside the drip tip in this case.

About coils
Differences between Uni coils and Unipro coils.
Here is a comparison picture.(Notice: The airflow ring for Uni coils and Unipro coils are different too.)

Get your RTA/RBA/RDTA wicking right.
1. Keep the cotton FLUFFY.
One of the most important things to keep in mind is that densely-packed cotton won't soak e-juice up as effectively as a more loosely-packed wick.
2. Don't use too much cotton and think about your PG/VG ratio.
If you use too much cotton for your wick, it’s much harder to ensure it doesn’t end up too dense to wick effectively.Try to thin the cotton on the two sides a little more with scissors.
The amount of cotton you need to use is closely-related to the PG/VG ratio of the juice you'll be vaping. For higher-VG mixes, less cotton is better. This is because VG is thicker than PG, and so needs more“space in your wick to soak up into – a little bit like how you might be able to drink coke through a straw easily but would struggle to enjoy a thick milkshake through it.
If you have a higher-PG blend (like Black Note's 50/50 mixes), then you can afford to have a little bit more cotton packed a little more densely. You still should be able to insert the finished wick into the coil without misshaping it, but you don’t have to be as strict about the amounts.
3. Cut the wicks down.The easiest advice is to give your wick a “bowl cut”around the edges of the deck.
4. Keep the cotton away from juice channel and air hole.Use a small tool (a precision screwdriver, pair of tweezers or anything else small and thin) you can nudge and position your wick to ensure it stays clear of the under-coil airflow hole.
5. Prime the wicks before refilling and vaping.Take a second and give your wicks a liberal soaking in e-juice prior to filling your tanks and you won’t get a dry hit as soon as you start vaping and ruin your hard work.

How often do you need to change coils.
Generally, a coil used within its operating range and at a steady pace, will last approximately two weeks. However, this is not a guarantee, coils can burn out much quicker than this.
1. If you are vaping heavily on a high wattage, your coils may not last as long.
2. If you use your coils above the maximum wattage specified on the coil, the cotton (or wicking material) in the coil will burn almost instantly.
3. Once a coil is burnt, it is permanently damaged and will produce a nasty burnt taste. Burnt coils may also result in the tank leaking e-liquid from the air flow holes.
4. The quality of your e-liquid may also affect the life of your coil. For example, certain creamer flavours are known to be more taxing on your coils.
The important thing to remember is that the user is in control of how the coil is being used. If our focus is on ensuring that your coils last a longer time, it is then important to make sure that you are aware of the factors that will affect the life of your coil.

When will I know it's time to change coil?
It will be very obvious. You will notice, diminished flavour, less vapour, a burnt or unpleasant flavour and your tank may be leaking more than usual.

How to extend the coil life.
Before using a new coil for the first time, it is important to prime your coil directly with e-liquid to ensure the cotton (or wicking material) does not burn. New coils are dry and any dry portions of a coil will burn when heated, so it is very important to ensure coils are adequately saturated with e-liquid prior to firing them in your tank.It is best to prime (wick) your new coil before installing it.

1.Simply hold the coil with one hand and then with the other take your e-liquid bottle and carefully squirt drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton (or wicking material) on the inside of the coil.
2. As well as applying e-liquid to the inside of the coil, it is also recommended to squirt a few drop on the actual wicking holes on the side of the coil, to ensure a really good saturation. Usually about 5 or 6 drops on the inside and a couple of drops on each of the side wick holes will be enough.
3. Let the coils sit in a full tank of e-liquid for up to 5-10 minutes prior to use to ensure that the coil is saturated.
4. One the coil is primed (wicked) and installed into the tank, it is important to not to turn your mod up to high initially. Simply set your mod somewhere below the minimum of the range specified on the coil and give it a few draws at a lower wattage to ensure the coil is not burning.
5. During this initial process for getting a new coil going, you can also blow into your tank while firing it (reverse vaping) rather than sucking to avoid spit-back which may occur as a result of over priming (wicking). This process will evaporate away any excess e-liquid on the coil and get the coil into a more consistent state of saturation.

An OXVA fan's sharing on extending the coil life:
1. Daily Wattage set at max. 25w (Recommend at 20w)
2. Regular suctioning duration: ≤ 2 s (this is the one that really affects the speed of the burning coil)
3. Ideally (though personally) apply cold fruity liquid freebase / salt-nic.
4. Stock many coils as you can , mine is 0.3 coil.
5. BTW, personal experience is that 1 coil last 10 to 14 days with cold fruity liquid.

Origin X RDTA Coil Building.

Recommended Coils
For Dual coil:Fused Clapton:Ni80 3x28ga/38ga 6wrap ID3mm dual coil 0.22Ω
For single coil:2 core/ 3 core Fused clapton or Alien Fused Clapton 0.25-0.35Ω
Alien Clapton Coil:KA1 3x28ga/30ga 5wrap ID3mm single coil 0.32Ω
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