This november we will be launching a new type of device. It is a modpod/podmod since it runs in an 18650 battery but does not have any 510 connector to attach your atomizer. Instead it has its own cartridge or juice tank and coil head placement. Its considered a pod since it is a small and compact device which can fire up to 40 watts.

What’s good and unique on this device is that it has a constant wattage output even if your batteries ran low. It also has an intelligent Photon chip that supports the device, the main function of this one is it protects the coil getting burned or which we call dry burn which every user hates. With the repleaceable 18650 batteries, you won’t need to worry running out of power and pause at a meantime. And it will be the smallest 18650 device that will come out on the market this year.

Our very own unicoil system that brings your flavored juices into life when you vape it is being designed by our best engineers that does research for a long time to provide quality vaping experience to the community. With our sleek style of design we can tell that users will definitely love our first product

Our product is carefully being checked by our quality control team to make sure every unit we release is in best performance and quality. sleek style of design we can tell that users will definitely love our first product

Oxva Origin Pod will be launched this November 11, 2019 in our page and website. Be sure to follow us and like our page for update and giveaways.

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  1. Hi Justin. Well done on the Origin, it looks superb! Just watched a review on the device on Mike Vapes. I would love to review this in the uk and share it on POTV if possible?

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