OXVA New Product Launch: Continuous Innovation, Shaping Classics
Do you ever find yourself missing something that no longer exists, like a retired NBA star, a discontinued Porsche 911, or a limited-edition XLIM POD? Well, there’s some good news. OXVA, with its commitment to continuous innovation and classic design, better XLIM POD: the XLIM CLASSIC EDITION. It’s a classic product that will keep you from feeling nostalgic.

The XLIM POD , developed by OXVA in 2022, quickly became a blockbuster product and marked a significant milestone for the brand. The XLIM POD emerged as a standout dark horse due to its stylish and minimalist design and features impressive specifications such as a 0.42-inch OLED screen, high power output, and long battery life.

This product has also won many awards , in the U.S. market, it received a nomination for the 2022 Best Open Pod System at the Dubai Expo. Additionally, it was recognized as the Best for Beginners by the renowned industry website UK Ecigclick. The XLIM POD's combination of aesthetics and functionality makes it a highly appealing choice for vapers.

The XLIM CLASSIC EDITION continues to use the X-TREME FLAVOR slogan, showcasing OXVA’s dedication to continuous upgrades of Xlim POD and delivering exceptional flavor. The development team at OXVA has maintained their rigorous standards for superior taste and high performance. The impressive flavor fidelity, powerful output, and long-lasting battery life and 0.42 inch screen have become synonymous with OXVA in the minds of end users. Far from resting on their laurels, OXVA has not only kept up with advancements but has also committed to upgrading and enhancing the overall product experience.

30W Max Output Power The XLIM CLASSIC EDITION upgrades its impressive 30W max output power from 25W of XLIM POD, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. It’s like driving a classic car that still packs a punch – familiar yet powerful. Whether you’re just starting your vaping journey or you’re a seasoned pro, this device delivers thick, flavorful clouds that satisfy every time.

1000mAh Built-in Battery Nobody likes a vape that quits before they do. The size and dimensions of the XLIM CLASSIC remain unchanged, but the battery capacity has significantly increased to 1000mAh! The 1000mAh built-in battery ensures you won’t be left high and dry. Imagine heading out for 2 days of adventures – hiking, shopping, or just exploring the city – and knowing your vape will last as long as you do. No more frantically searching for a charging point halfway through your day

35 mins charging Based on the 5V/1A charging configuration of the XLIM POD, this new product has improved the device's charging rate. With a 2A charging speed, it better meets the needs of users, offering a more efficient and satisfying charging experience. This enhancement not only reduces downtime but also ensures that users can enjoy their devices for longer periods without frequent interruptions. By prioritizing user convenience and efficiency, the upgraded charging capability significantly contributes to a superior overall user experience.

Top Refilling Unlike the previous models in the XLIM series, the Classic version features a top-fill design. This thoughtful detail not only enhances the new product but also offers a unique experience for loyal OXVA fans. Here are some of the benefits of this top-fill design:
1. Maintains Device Cleanliness: The top-fill method significantly reduces the chances of liquid coming into contact with other parts of the device, preventing residue from accumulating on the surface. This keeps the device looking pristine and reduces the frequency and difficulty of cleaning.
2. Prevents Leakage: The top-fill design effectively minimizes the risk of leakage. Since the liquid is filled from the top, it is less likely to seep into the internal parts of the device, ensuring it remains clean and safe.
This new top-fill feature in the Classic version is a significant upgrade, providing an enhanced and more convenient vaping experience for OXVA users.

Nano-level Laser Engraving Technology You might notice a hint of the XLIM POD in the surface design of the Classic edition, as they share some similarities in their exterior aesthetics(gradient AI-alloy). However, the Classic takes it to the next level with advanced nano-cutting technology except gradient AI-alloy. This technology not only elevates the visual appeal but also enhances the tactile experience, making it feel more premium.
The nano-cutting technology allows for:
- Enhanced Visual Appeal: The precise cuts and gradient colors create a stunning visual effect, making the device stand out.
- Premium Quality: The high-end finish resulting from the nano-cutting process gives the device a luxurious feel.
- Durability: The precision of nano-cutting helps reduce surface wear and tear, maintaining the device's new look for a longer time.
The nano-cutting process provides a refined and sophisticated finish, with some colors featuring a gradient effect that adds to the device's allure. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing vape session or displaying it as a stylish accessory in social gatherings, the XLIM CLASSIC EDITION provides a sense of mystery and personal satisfaction that sets it apart from the rest.
The XLIM CLASSIC EDITION brings back the charm and reliability of the XLIM SE series with modern enhancements, ensuring that you won’t miss what’s gone but instead enjoy what’s new and improved. Embrace the classic with the XLIM CLASSIC EDITION, where tradition meets innovation for an unmatched vaping experience.

Join the Classic Revolution Whether you’re at a match, in front of the TV, or out with friends, the OXVA XLIM CLASSIC EDITION is your perfect companion. Capture your joyful moments with this stylish device and earn reward points while you’re at it. Share the excitement, feel the power, and embrace the mystery with the XLIM CLASSIC EDITION.
Jump into the future of vaping today and make every moment count with OXVA!