The XLIM PRO is a Pro edition vaping device that offers more power and faster charging. It comes equipped with brand new replaceable cigarette cartridge, featuring a leak-proof top-fill design, and offering a variety of delightful flavors to choose from. The device has a 30W output power and a larger 1000mAh battery, allowing for uninterrupted use. It also features a new RGB light design to enhance your vaping experience. With its ergonomic design and button activation, this device provides excellent performance and convenience.

The IML (In-Mold Labeling) panel design resembles a colorful canvas, where flowing textures intertwine with smooth carbon fiber patterns, accentuated by the vibrant zinc alloy casing. This electronic cigarette is not just a device; it's a captivating work of art.

The unique RGB lights and captivating LED effects transport you into a dreamlike world, as if strolling beneath a starry sky. In this visual wonderland, you'll delight in the pleasures of the electronic cigarette, with each puff being an artistic journey.

The body of this electronic cigarette has been meticulously crafted, perfectly fitting into your palm. Everything is within your grasp, as if aided by a 25-degree incline, allowing you to effortlessly control the entire world.

The sleek zinc alloy casing complements the IML curved decorative components, seamlessly merging together to create a new standard of aesthetics. This represents a fresh interpretation of aesthetics and a perfect showcase of the essence of minimalist design.

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