Types of vape devices

Types of vape devices

Popular types are disposables, pod system, vape pen, and box mods. Advanced vapers also use squonk, mechanicals, with attached rebuildable tanks like RDA or RDA.

Most of the beginners don’t usually know the vape devices they want to buy or using. We will explain to you one by one what mods and atomizers you are using.

Basic types are Variables, Mechs and Pods. Variables are the safe ones which have computer chip and has a plus and minus function to control the desired wattage or power and also has the on and off function, on the other hand mechs have no chip and are dangerous types and needs to have background on battery safety (ohms law). The big difference between the two are variables have safety feature while the mechs have none. Variables also have the capacity to lock the device when your battery are running low to avoid your batteries getting busted while the mechs uses every amount of your battery until it depletes completely. Lastly, pods are the most convenient and easy to use device since its small and can fit to pockets and has a built – in battery inside. The only downside of the pods are pods have a very low battery life but you can charge it directly, pods are ready to use vape devices since it already has atomizers and coils and is also considered as a kit.

Since we already taught you the basic devices usually used on vaping let’s gp to the atomizers used on variables and mechs.

Most commonly used atomizers are Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers (RDA) and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA). RDA are usually more on clouds or what we call vapor production atomizers. You will notice in users or consumers they usually drop or drip the juice every minute when they want to use or vape on their RDA’s while on RTA’s usally always have a glass or a container to fill in and it’s usually more on flavor rather than vapor production. The only difference between the two is that tanks have more juice capacity than drippers since dripper atomizers have no container to fill it in. Some vaping companies also produce RDTA’s or Rebuildable Dripper and tank Atomizers. They usually call it a hybrid atomizer since it can be a dripper or a tank atomizer. The only problem with this atomizer is that you have to turn it upside down to wick the cotton properly.

Whether RDA, RTA or RDTA or a pod it still depends on the consumers taste and preferred choice when vaping but they still need opinion or suggestion to other consumers or from reviewers to get ideas what device they will purchase from the market.

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