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OXVA Origin

The Origin, designed by Justin Lai, is the smallest AIO that takes a single 18650 battery and fires up to 40W. It is powerful, light and delivers legendary flavor with the Uni Coils!
18650 pod mod
Replaceable 18650 Battery
40W pod mod
Watt Control 8W~40W
DTL pod mod & rebuildable pod
0.3Ω丨0.5Ω丨RBA 1.0Ω UNI Coil
18650 pod


Powered by replaceable 18650, the power could be almost unlimited with spare charged batteries and a single fully charged Sony VTC6 or LG HG2 is 3000 Mah and will last a regular MTL for days.
Inhalation times of the Origin 18650 Pod Mod equipped with a Sony VTC6 battery:
0.3Ohm Sub ohm pod
0.5 Ohm pod system
1.0 Ohm MTL vape pod
* The above parameters are from experimental data of the Origin 18650 Pod


The UNI Coils are designed to release the liquid’s flavor to its maximum. Our talented engineers designed our coils to overcome its lifespan to make it longer and pleasurable for the user’s experience and it comes with both DTL Sub Ohm Mesh Coils and MTL coils to need different vaping needs.
Sub ohm mesh coil for the pod
0.3 ohm (mesh)
best mesh coil pod
0.5 ohm (mesh)
MTL coil
1.0 ohm (KA1)
Note: UNI coils are compatible with all pod systems below 40W from OXVA, like OXVA X.
RBA w/ 510


The Origin is powered by the advanced PHOTON chip, which is powerful, accurate and safe.
pod coil resistance
Resistance range
pod system 40w
Power range 8-40W
non-dry burn coil
Prevent dry burning
best vape chip

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Switch Timeout Protection

Intelligent overtime protection will avoid the cotton getting burned

Over discharge Protection

With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery discharge and harm

Short-circuit Protection

When the short-circuit is detected, it will protect the battery by preventing the voltage to return from the device

Overcharge Protection

With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery overcharge and damage

Output Over-current Protection

To Intelligently detect output current, and close the output current when current exceeds the highest limit
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