The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is an EU directive that aimed at standardizing the sale and promotion of tobacco and related products within EU member states. This directive is committed to ensuring the effective functioning of the tobacco market while prioritizing public health protection.
Product Compliance
Ingredient Transparency
Tobacco products must clearly list ingredients, especially nicotine levels. E-cigarettes should detail all additives.
Nicotine Limits
E-cigarette liquids and refills are capped at 20mg/ml nicotine.
Packaging and Labels
Tobacco products must carry health warnings and risk information.
Design Standards
E-cigarette refill container sizes are limited to reduce child nicotine exposure.
Reporting and Compliance
Manufacturers must report product details to regulators and adhere to standards.
Marketing Restrictions
Strict limits on tobacco product advertising to protect minors and non-smokers.
Dear Partners, Wholesalers, and Retailers:
Since the implementation of the European TPD regulations, OXVA has been committed to ensuring our products comply with TPD standards. We are pleased to inform you that our latest TPD-compliant product list has been updated and is easily accessible on our website. The OXVA compliance team has worked diligently to ensure all our products meet the requirements of the EU submission system.
To ensure you purchase our products with confidence and safety, we provide relevant product information and emission test reports. For any TPD documentation you need for our products, please feel free to contact our sales team at, or visit our website to download the necessary files. Thank you for your continued support of OXVA. OXVA Team
CRC is an essential safety certification for e-cigarette products, mandated by the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) to ensure child and minor protection. It rigorously enforces standards that make e-cigarette products' design and packaging child-resistant. This means that children and individuals not of legal age for e-cigarette use are less likely to access the e-liquid inside the products. Products meeting these criteria bear a distinct CRC label, signifying compliance with child safety protocols and adherence to stringent safety design norms.
Product Compliance
Child-proof structure to avoid contact with e-juice
Certification by professional organizations
CRC (ISO8317) Remark on product packaging
Nimbus Disto is the exclusive authorized distributor for OXVA in Canada. Only OXVA brand products distributed by Nimbus Disto are recognized as genuine and compliant with Canada's CRC policy.
CRC Products
OXVA's entire line of products uses CMP100,000 dust-free standard production workshops, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and cGMP (production management practice) certification, and complies with EU CE, RoHS, TPD certification, US FCC, FDA testing certification, KC certification, TCT testing, and other authoritative certifications.