Protecting Authenticity: OXVA's Battle Against Counterfeits
OXVA is committed to combating unauthorized and counterfeit products while upholding quality and service.
Since OXVA's Xlim series became a global bestseller, many counterfeit factories have seen the profits it brings and started producing and selling fake products. Currently, counterfeit OXVA products have emerged in markets worldwide.
These counterfeit products not only mimic the device of OXVA's Xlim series with poor craftsmanship, but they have also gone as far as producing compatible cartridge for Xlim. This is misleading our customers and providing them with a false experience. We strongly demand these counterfeit factories to cease the production of these fake products and reserve the right to take legal actions to safeguard the reputation of OXVA.
(Counterfeit devices available on the market.)
(Genuine promotional images of OXVA.)
These counterfeit products are generally produced by unscrupulous factories in dirty and chaotic environments, lacking precise manufacturing processes. The resulting products may suffer from issues such as short circuits, overheating, and even battery failures.
(Screenshots of counterfeit factories)
The imitation cartridges use non-food grade plastic, non-regulated heating wire, and cotton materials. It has also not undergone rigorous testing. Additionally, they lack sufficient analysis of the e-liquid, resulting in insufficient fragrance, sweetness, and coolness. Not only do these counterfeits compromise the taste experience, but they also pose a serious threat to consumer safety.
(The method to distinguish genuine products from counterfeit ones.)
OXVA has two large-scale factories that strictly adhere to ISO 7, 10000-level cleanroom production standards. All products undergo rigorous factory testing and the taste consistency is ensured through meticulous tuning. This guarantees the quality of every product. OXVA also provides comprehensive after-sales service support.
OXVA is one of the fastest-growing e-cig brands and always adhere to a quality strategy, pursuing high-quality and high-performance products. OXVA not only offers top-quality products but also cares about consumer health and safety. Combating counterfeits is OXVA's top priority. As part of our fight against counterfeit products, OXVA has implemented an anti-counterfeit code verification program. Any consumer who purchases an OXVA product will find an anti-counterfeit logo on the back of the packaging box. Follow the steps below to verify its authenticity:
1.Locate the anti-counterfeit logo on the back of the packaging box;
2.Under different lighting conditions, the anti-counterfeit logo will display the fonts "O" and "X". Scratch off the protective layer below the pattern and enter the anti-counterfeit code on the official website for verification. Website:
In the future, we will continue to rigorously combat the illegal electronic cigarette market and establish an intelligence database for counterfeit products. If you come across any suspicious counterfeit products, please contact us via email at or by phone at +86-0755-2371 2921.