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Pod System
Troubleshooting Pod System Issues
How to do if the device can't be charged?
Please check if the charger works properly. Please change another adaptor and cable to charge for half an hour to test. Please charge with the recommended adaptor on the user manual.
How to do if the device does not fire?
Please ensure the device has been turned on. Please confirm the device is fully charged. If not, please charge it for half an hour and try it again. Please draw and vape to check if it shows the battery indicator. If it still can't work, please try to change to another new cartridge to see if that fixes the problem. The auto draw seems to be malfunctioning. Please feel free to contact our support team.
Why it shows no atomizer?
The pin is made of cross gold, it gets dirty easily after being used for a long time. Please clean it with a clean cloth or alcohol. Change a cartridge to test again. Here is a tutorial video for reference: click here
Troubleshooting Atomizers Issues
How to refill the e-liquid?
Fill in the e-liquid carefully without touching the inside structure. Avoid frequent squeezing of the e-liquid bottle. Close the silicone pad tightly at once. After refilling, please wait for 3 minutes before vaping. Here is a tutorial video for reference: click here
How to prevent pod/cartridge leaking?
Please refill asap and cover the silicone pad in time, the e-liquid may leak if this process takes over 30s. The ratio of PG to VG e-liquid is recommended to be 5:5. It is recommended to use the recommended power listed in the manual as the lower power will result in insufficient atomization, increasing the risk of leaking. Please make sure the area where the device and the cartridge connect has been wiped clean and dried before use. If the cartridge is not used for more than 3 days after being filled with e-liquid, it can easily lead to leakage. There might be a problem with the cartridge if it continues to leak. It is recommended to change to a new cartridge and test again. Here is a tutorial video for reference: click here
What type of e-liquid is recommended for XLIM cartridge?

We recommend Salt Nic 20-50mg or pod-friendly freebase e-liquid for XLIM cartridges.
For both 0.4Ω and 0.6Ω cartridges, we recommend using pod-friendly freebase e-liquid.
For both 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω cartridges, we recommend using Salt Nic e-liquid.
Which devices are compatible with the XLIM cartridge

Note: XLIM TOP FILL 0.4Ω ONLY compatible with XLIM PRO/XLIM SQ PRO/XLIM SE 2 currently.
About OXVA coils.
About Warranty
Warranty Period

OXVA provides a quality assurance period of 90 days from the purchase date.
This warranty period is calculated from the purchase date on the invoice.
Warranty Coverage

Ensure that the non-consumable products you purchase are eligible for this after-sales service.
Note: empty cartridge, coil, pod, glass, and other consumable products do not apply to this after-sales service.
Warranty needed information
Proof of purchase (if no invoice for online purchase, a screenshot of the online order is required). Pictures or videos of damaged products. Serial number and Security code (With picture).
How To Submit Warranty?
You can contact the store where you purchased your product for replacement. If your warranty request cannot be processed at the store, please submit a ticket here: click here