MIST Reviews OXVA's XLIM Vape Kits
OXVA are a relative newcomer to the vaping industry, founded by Justin Lai in 2019. In a very short space of time, they've ascended to near household name status with user-friendly pod kits that have helped thousands of new vapers stop smoking.
As a matter of fact, I have been using an OXVA Artio as my daily MTL vape for weeks now and can attest to the kit's reliability!
OXVA have been kind enough to send MIST four of their new Xlim pod kits so I can give some first hand impressions of how good the devices are and who I think will find them to be perfect daily vape kits.
Score: 8
The XLIM SE Pod Kit lacks a few features from the other XLIM units, but mine emerged from the box with a bold and striking carbon-fibre design that immediately excited me!
In my hand, the XLIM SE has a surprisingly firm heft. With the kit being priced in a more budget-friendly range than the other XLIM pens, I had anticipated a flimsier build, but there was no creakiness to speak of.
OXVA was able to keep the cost down by simply removing a display screen or wattage control function, with the weight coming from the impressive 900mAh battery within.
I didn't miss the power control, though, as the kit automatically assigned the correct wattage for my 0.6ohm XLIM V2 Pod. If power control is an essential feature for you, then scroll down to the following three kits. Still, it's liberating to not worry about accidentally burning your coil at the wrong power output.
I closed the airflow most of the way as I prefer a tighter draw, and the buttonless XLIM SE fired up very quickly the moment I started inhaling. With the airflow slide open all the way, I could use the included 0.6ohm pod for some intense restricted-direct-lung vaping, should I need a little more kick to my puff.
The features OXVA cut from the XLIM SE to make it budget-friendly won't be missed by new vapers, who are likely to find this the perfect starter kit if they're not in a place to make a big splurge on a refillable kit.
Score: 8
Whereas the SE gave me carbon-fibre solidity, my XLIM V2 emerges from its box with an eye-catching glossy shine, with a stylish hombre colouring of viridian green to brushed silver while still feeling as sturdy as its cheaper counterpart.
The V2 has many of the same technical specs as the XLIM SE, retaining the all-day 900mAh battery and 25W maximum power output. This time, however, I get to set my wattage by manually tapping the firing button three times.
The V2 does set optimal wattage when the V2 Pod is installed, but it gives me the freedom to adjust that however I wish.
While a firing button can lead to pocket-firing issues, OXVA has provided me with a workaround: tap the firing button four times rapidly, and the firing button locks, leaving only the draw-activated fire.
I'm not likely to have any airflow in my pocket, so it's a safer way to take the XLIM V2 out and about.
While not massively distinct from the XLIM SE, the display screen, manual wattage, manual firing, and lock features more than justify the slight price increase. The XLIM V2 would be the best starter vape kit for someone who wanted to experiment with outputs a little and would be right at home in the collection of a seasoned MTL vaper.
OXVA Xlim Pro
Score: 9
An entirely different beast! The Xlim Pro immediately distinguishes itself as an elevated pod kit through build quality alone. My Xlim Pro emerged from the box with a gorgeous pastel pink colour with what looks to be a touch of pearlescence to give it a glamorous sheen.
The Xlim Pro is slightly weightier than the SE and V2, likely due to the increased 1000mAh battery. This level of battery life will allow me to vape frequently all day and evening, and moderate vapers will find it lasts a couple of days before needing a recharge.
My Xlim Pro has an improved wattage output increase, which is capable of reaching heights of 30W. This brings the Xlim Pro into versatile territory, now fully able to regularly perform as an RDL vape kit for when I'm in the mood for more significant clouds.
The Xlim Pro also premiers the new Xlim V3 Pods, now featuring a new 1.2ohm unit for dedicated MTL puffs and built with an upgraded refill port on the upper side of the pod. This new port placement allows me to refill the pod without removing it from the battery.
This makes the Xlim Pro even more convenient for on-the-go use, eliminating the need to juggle several parts to get a vape juice refill.
The Xlim Pro is a more robust and longer-lasting pod kit and is perfect for all but the cloudiest of sub-ohm vapers.
OXVA Xlim SQ Pro
Score: 10
The final Xlim I'm looking at today has a different build from the others featured. Eschewing the usual pen-style design, the SQ Pro instead presents a square slab build with rounded edges and raised sections that I found very comfortable to grip. It's once again a bit heavier, again due to a battery increase; I can go all-out with the 30W max if I wish to because I've got a whopping 1200mAh to play with, the biggest battery capacity of any Xlim vape.
Despite the weight increase, I found the Xlim SQ Pro the most convenient vape yet due to the included lanyard that allows me to wear it as a medallion wherever I go. There's also an increased degree of personalisation as I can choose from three different display screen visual styles by selecting them from the menu, accessed with two quick taps of the firing button.
I'm not saying it's the best kit for everyone, as there will likely be many new vapers who are intimidated by menus and manual adjustments who'd probably prefer the SE. But as someone with some vaping experience, the SQ Pro is the most robust vape of the four, with versatile uses for whichever vaping style suits me on a given day.
The MIST Vaping Verdict
I'm still stunned to see kits as good as the Xlim line from a company as young as OXVA.
They've very clearly got their eyes on the pod vaping throne, and with MTL pod kits as reliable and user-friendly as the Xlim range, I can see OXVA quickly becoming one of the most popular options for starter kit satisfaction.
Three of the kits stood out to me in particular:
  • OXVA Xlim SE: A simple, streamlined masterpiece with a much bigger battery than expected for such a bargain price. The perfect starter pod vape kit.
  • OXVA Xlim Pro: The wattage increase makes restricted-direct-lung vaping very accessible, and the Xlim V3 pods are a dream to use and refill.
  • OXVA Xlim SQ Pro: The best of the bunch, with a whopping 1200mAh crammed into a compact and pocket-friendly build. Excellent for both vaping newcomers and seasoned puffers.
Final Score: 9.5
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